Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Social Media for Professional Services

this month at the waco social media breakfast, michael talked about social media for professional services and how he incorporated social media into the texas young cpa’s conference (#wacosmb).

here are my bullet points from mike’s wonderful presenatation:
  • myspace is not used much by professionals
  • young professional groups should have a presence on linked in, facebook, and twitter
  • mike tweets from two accounts, @michaellbrown (main twitter account) and @txycpa (account for texas young professionals cpa)
  • there are 2 universities in the US that offer professional networking courses
  • linked in is an enhanced contact tool, while twitter is a way to make connections and enhance existing connections
  • mike started a blog for the texas young cpa’s conference athttp://texasyoungcpas.blogspot.com
  • blogger is very easy to use when you are getting started blogging
  • created a plan for integrating social media for the texas young cpa’s conference
  • 1 blog post per week
  • at least 1 tweet per day
  • tweet as much as possible from the conference
  • publish a blog post for each session as the speaker was wrapping up session
  • after conference try to connect as many ppl as possible through social media
  • follow @lifehacker for life productivity tips
  • twitter desktop client seesmic desktop http://desktop.seesmic.com
  • seesmic can keep existing searches and mike likes look at feel of it better than tweetdeck
  • seesmic is a desktop application and peoplebrowsr is web-based
  • seesmic desktop can handle multiple twitter accounts in one stream and allows you to choose which account to tweet from
  • with 2 twitter accounts, when tweeting, be aware of which account you are tweeting from
  • lifehacker’s bloggers bag had many reduntant items, but they would have come in handy
  • use www.twellow.com to search for similar people on twitter (from @themarketingguy)
links from today’s talk:
  • http://texasyoungcpas.blogspot.com – mike’s blog
  • http://www.blogger.com – easy blog to get started with
  • http://www.lifehacker.com – productivity tips and tricks
  • seesmic desktop – http://www.desktop.seesmic.com – desktop application for twitter
  • people browser – http://www.peoplebrowsr.com – web application for twitter
  • tweet deck – http://www.tweetdeck.com – another desktop application for twitter
  • blogger’s bag – http://lifehacker.com/5266491/the-gear-and-tactics-from-lifehackers-laptop-bags
  • twellow – http://www.twellow.com – to search twitter profiles to find people to follow on twitter
  • twitter grader – http://twitter.grader.com – follow at http://twitter.com/grader and then go to the site for recommendations of people to follow on twitter

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