Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Facebook Questions from a Hat

we had a great turn out this morning with over 20 people at the social media breakfast.  we did things a little different by asking everyone to submit questions about facebook and then we as a group answered them.  it was very informative, here are the questions and the answers that the group came up with:

How do I set up a business page on facebook?
There is a link on the front page of Facebook, you have to have a personal facebook account first and you will create the business page under that.
Here’s the link to get started: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

When you make your own fan page, how do you make it your own design?
Use Facebook Markup language.  http://wiki.developers.facebook.com/index.php/FBML

Is it best to post questions or comments?
Posting questions will usually generate a lot of comments from others on facebook, while comments are just a way to share your thoughts.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups:

How to use facebook and twitter together to promote a business?
Link the two accounts to spread the word to more people.

Is there a way to add a photo or video to a comment?
Put the link to the photo or video in your comment and facebook will automatically embed it.

Putting an RSS feed into your profile.
It is built into facebook or you can use twitterfeed: http://www.twitterfeed.com
Instructions on using twitterfeed:
what is RSS? real simple syndication http://www.whatisrss.com/

can you set it so your twitter updates become your facebook status updates?
set it up with selective twitter http://apps.facebook.com/selectivetwitter/ and then every tweet that ends in #fb will update your facebook status

can you “tweet” too much on facebook? yes
should you separate your business from your personal on facebook? yes, but it depends on the business